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Paperboy Flyer Delivery also gives you more creative options that would be either impossible or cost prohibitive in other mediums.

A refrigerator magnet?  A die-cut card?  A booklet?  We deliver all of these fun ideas for far less, often less than half of direct-mail costs.

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

  • “70% of our leads come from flyers. Online marketing works for us, but nothing beats the flyers we do with you guys.“ - English Stone

  • “We've had fantastic results from your flyer's... $73.4k booked so far... on $3215 of ad spend“

    - Paris Painting

  • ”I believe the visibility, control (quantity, location, timing, etc.), & quality of cards with PaperBoy give a great advantage with a GO, & in fact should be included in every SC Grand Opening.” -  Sport Clips

  • ”Huge hit! We had a total of 57 units visit our event. About 25 were from the drop. We set a total of 21 appts from the event.” -  Finished Basement Systems

  • ”I am getting far better results in areas you guys deliver them when I have my own team deliver flyers.” -  Detail Stone

  • ”We had 200 guests over the 3 day event (37 new guests). It was about a 50% increase in guests compared to the week before and after. Had another 204 of the flyer coupons redeemed in subsequent weeks with 39 being new guests. I think we delivered 5000 pieces.” -  Fantastic Sams, Lakeville

  • ”The event went well. Looks like we had ~70 attendees” -  Welcyon Fitness

  • ”I'm having the best year I've had in a long time. I attribute a large portion of that to your flyer delivery. The redesigned flyer and unique delivery made it far better than we were doing before.”

    -  Parkway Lawn

  • ”...We have seen more than twice the results than with previous direct mail campaigns. With Paperboy it costs us an average if $100.00 per customer whereas with traditional direct mail it was closer to $225.00.” -  USI Wireless

  • ”Our sales were up 6 times after marketing with Paperboy. Don't tell my competitors about what you do!”

    -  Mojo’s Pizza

  • ”I saw your guys putting out my flyers today, they drove right past the house I was estimating! The flyers are working.”

    -  Red Nose Lighting

  • ”100+ Calls from the cards we did!”

    -  Grounds Crew

  • ”Very nice.  I have had four or five patients schedule in these initial first days. So far I am satisfied.  Best marketing I have ever done.”

    -  West River Dental

  • ”Response has been very strong!  I've been looking at 2 or more jobs a night since the pieces started being delivered.”

    -  Stoneman

  • ”I can attribute about 12 sales directly to the mailer.” -  Welcome Furniture

  • ”The ROI is better than the required advertising through my franchisor. I spent $3200 with you and to date that has made me a return of $8,657.04.”

    -  Cleaning Authority

  • ”We have tracked and found that the return was cost effective for the money spent and the customers we have added based upon the number of flyers delivered.” -  Garbage Man

  • ”We've been getting 8 - 25 traffic units through with each open house. Overall, we're happy with the results and plan to keep doing as many of these as we can.”

    -  New Spaces

  • ”We found that Paperboy's delivery is AS EFFECTIVE as direct 40% of the cost. To a pastor that needs to keep a keen eye toward a budget, that's a HUGE difference.” -  EpicLife Church

  • ”Office is telling me around 60 requests for bids—which is great! That’s a better response than we have gotten any other year.” - Greenscapes